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WhyIslam Sacramento


Dawah outreach Booths

CA State Fair

The ICNA Sacramento and its 877-Why-Islam project hosts an information booth at the California State Fair every year from past 11 years. They hand out free copies of the English translation of the Quran, Islamic literature and answering questions about Islam.


Dawah outreach

 Shopping Malls and Farmers Market

Outreach Booths is one of our popular projects. Given the prevalent misinformation, misunderstanding and stereotypes coupled with our duty to spread truth about Islam


Billboards Campaigns

Among the objectives of WhyIslam Billboard Ad Campaign is to instill a sense of curiosity through strategically located billboards thereby encouraging people to search for unbiased information on Islam and to promote understanding and dialogue between people of different faiths.

6332 Islam1.JPG

1-877-Why-Islam Hotline

What is 877-Why-Islam Hotline? ICNA’s 877-Why-Islam project is a leader in pioneering contemporary strategies to better convey the true understanding of Islam as well as clarify many of the misconceptions about it.


Free Literature & Qurans

WhyIslam Sacramento distributes and donates free Quran translations and other important literature, brochures every year to various Masjids, MSAs, Organizations and at events from all walks of life.

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