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Quiz Format for Level A                              (Grade 1 and below)

Level A students are tested in a different way from the other levels. The children in this level will only be asked 10-15 oral questions by their teacher. The top 5 scorers will be then given prizes in the award ceremony.
[ Level A quiz is not enabled for 2022 online event]

Quiz Format for Levels B to F                      (Grades 2 to 12)

The quiz for these levels will consist of two main parts.

  1. Written Exam

    The first part consists of a written exam in which only multiple choice or true-false questions will be asked. Sample questions for this session can be accessed in the Sample Questions section. The top 4 scorers from each level will be sent to the buzzer round.

  2. Buzzer Round

    The top 4 scorers from each level (level B to level F) will be called to the stage and seated in front of buzzers. In this round the moderator will ask 10-15 questions to the students and the first student to press the buzzer will be given a chance to answer the question. If the moderator has not completed his question, he will immediately stop and the student will have to answer the question. 10 points will be awarded for correct answers, whereas 5 points will be deducted for wrong ones. The students will be placed 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th based only on their scores from this round and their score from the written exam will not count towards their total score.

  3. Speech Contest

    Speech contest for Level F is replace by buzzer round for 2022 online event. we will have no speech contest ths year. 
    After the buzzer round, the top 4 winners (from the written exams) for level F (Grades 9,10,11&12) will compete for the Grand Prize in a speech contest. The best speaker will win the Grand Prize.

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