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ICNA Quiz 2022 comes with exciting prizes, that include two Umrah tickets for the first prize winners of Level F and level G participants.

All other prizes will be a gift card or a prize equivalent to below amount.


Level B to Level E:
Ist   prize - $300

2nd prize - $200

3rd  prize - $150

4th  prize - $100

Level F to Level G:
Ist   prize - Umrah ticket* 

2nd prize - $500

3rd  prize - $250

4th  prize - $200


* Prize include only the air ticket and not Umrah package.

* Umrah ticket offer is valid for one year from the date quiz event and maximum amount of the ticket is $1000 only.

If the winner decide to go for Umrah when ticket prizes are more than $1000 then they must pay remaining amount from own pocket. 

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