According to a study done by Pew Research in 2018, Muslims lose just as many converts as they gain. This is primarily due to the fact converts find themselves marginalized from the greater Muslim community. In order for Islam to grow in America, we need to invest in the indigenous Muslims, i.e the converts. Embrace: A Project of ICNA is a convert led initiative which serves is to empower, integrate, nourish, and educate our diverse Muslim convert community by providing safe social spaces which encourage growth, shape their Islamic identity, and equip them with knowledge they need for their lifetime journey. We strive to provide a sense of family and community that many converts search for in the Muslim community. Founded in 2017, Embrace invests in building a community of Muslim American converts through a variety of services catered towards them such as weekly convert led Halaqahs, Islamic Classes, Social Programs, Ramadan Iftar Programs, Eid Programs, and others.