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QUESTION: In whose house did Prophet (SAW) stay when he reached Madinah in the first year of Hijrah?


  • a) Abu Bakr (RA)

  • b) Abu Ayyub (RA)

  • c) Ali (RA)

  • d) Uthman (RA)

  • e) None of the above

  • ANSWER: b


QUESTION: According to the Quran, “_________ indeed prevents a person from all shameful and reprehensible deeds.” (29:45)

  • a) Salaat

  • b) Hajj

  • c) Zakaat

  • d) Fasting

  • e) Tauhid

  • ANSWER: a


QUESTION: The most important characteristic of a person is?

  • a) Social standing

  • b) To believe in Allah

  • c) Skin color

  • d) Language

  • e) None of the above

  • ANSWER: b


QUESTION: In which Hijri month did the Battle of Badr take place?

  • a) Muharam

  • b) Rabi Awal

  • c) Rajb

  • d) Ramadan

  • e) None of the above
    ANSWER: d


QUESTION: Who became the Khalifa after Umar (R.A)

  • a) Ali (R.A)

  • b) Abu Bakr (R.A)

  • c) Uthman (R.A)

  • d) Hamza (R.A)

  • e) None of the above
    ANSWER: c


QUESTION: Which King was killed by a mosquito?

  • a) Namrud

  • b) George

  • c) Firoon

  • d) Richard

  • e) None of the above
    ANSWER: a

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